EDLE 5500:  Principal Internship


You must complete a principal internship to obtain the Texas Standard Principal Certificate. The State of Texas requires an internship that includes a minimum of 160 hours of documented administrative or leadership-related experiences at an elementary, secondary, alternative, or central office site under the supervision of both a university supervisor and school district administrator. The internship can take place at an accredited public, private, or charter school. Completing and submitting a Log of Hours and Activities during the internship and having it signed by the supervising administrator at the conclusion of the internship will document this requirement.

The goal of the internship program is to provide an opportunity to observe or experience on-the-job, hands-on experiences while working under the direction of a practicing and successful educational administrator. The internship experiences are to be aligned with the Texas Principal Competency requirements. You will plan activities cooperatively with a site-based supervisor based on the Texas Principal Competencies, the targeted areas set out in the action plan, your prior experience, and the needs of the school site and administrators.

Internships can take place during the fall, spring, or summer semesters. The internship is a full semester in length and is a regular course with tuition. Full-time educators are allowed to intern during the school year or summer. During the school year, activities are usually completed before school, after school, or during your conference period. For the summer internship, at least part of the required hours must be completed in a summer school program. Summer interns have the advantage of not having a teaching load, but the disadvantage of a shorter summer semester (10 weeks) to complete the required hours.  When applying for the internship, these things should be taken into consideration and discussed with the campus administrator.

Performance Assessments/Grades for the Internship

Each assignment will have the indicated value.

Assignment Points
Plan of Action, Part 1 10
Executive Summary Reports (3) 15 (5 pts.each)
Reports of Administrative Interviews (2) 10 (5 pts each)
Report of Attendance at Meeting, Conference, or Training 5
Report of Shadowing Experiences 5
Report of Project 5
Plan of Action, Part 2 10
Self-Assessment Plan 5
Professional Development Plan 5
Completed Supervisor Evaluation Form 5
Log of Hours and Activities 10
Log of Hours and Activities 15
Total Possible Points 100


The internship should be the last class in the course sequence, or, under certain circumstances, the last class along with one other. You can take only one other class during the internship (or one class each eight weeks). You can graduate with the master’s degree and then do the internship as a certification-only student. However, certification only students are not eligible for financial aid.

You must apply for the internship in advance. The deadline for the application is October 1 for spring, February 1 for summer, and March 1 for fall. Complete the application and send to Marilyn.Deuble@unt.edu.

You will be approved to take the TExES when you begin the Internship, and you can earn the Standard Principal Certificate when you have a transcript with a master’s degree and a successful Internship grade posted; a passing score on the TExES; and a service record obtained from the district HR department documenting at least two years of experience as the teacher of record in an accredited EC-12 school. Submit this service record to Jill.Denniston@unt.edu.

If you have questions regarding the internship process, you may contact Marilyn Deuble at Marilyn.Deuble@unt.edu or 940-565-2942.